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How to Train a Superdog by Gwen Bailey

Our Price: £9.99
A great book by Gwen Bailey on using reward based methods to train your dog. How to Train a Superdog shows you how to unleash your dog's potential so that you can have an obedient and contented companion and a pooch to be proud of.
In fascinating detail it unravels how your dog's mind works, explains essential life stages, and explores his behaviour, so that you can really understand what makes your dog tick. A complete programme of training takes you from choosing the right dog, through key exercises, such as sit and down, and build on these basics with a series of advanced exercises and impressive tricks and activities that are guaranteed to bring out the best in your dog.
Gwen Bailey's positive approach, based on encouragement and understanding, will result in a happy, fulfilled, and stimulated dog, and allow you to build a rewarding relationship that will last a lifetime.